Swany X-Change Mitt 2.1-Mens

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he ultimate winter companion for unrivaled performance and comfort. Designed with innovative features, these mittens enhance outdoor adventures while keeping hands warm in any weather. The durable shell and reinforced palm offer a secure grip. Stay warm with Tri-Plex Alpha insulation and dry with Swany Dry Lining and Dryfinger II W/B Insert. Enjoy flexibility with finger channels. The pre-curved construction, adjustable straps, utility heat pocket, and Swany leash add convenience. Gear up with the Swany X-Change Mitt and conquer winter confidently with warmth, functionality, and style.

SHELL: Swany Soft Shell with LeatherShield Trim and sidewalls and Reinforced Digitized Palm
INSULATION: Tri-Plex Alpha insulation system, Swany Dry Lining Dryfinger II W/B Insert
FEATURES: Pre-curved construction, quick-release strap, Swany SpeedDraw System, Utility heat pocket with AquaGuard lock-down zipper, Swany leash