At Eskimo Ski + Board Shop, we believe in the philosophy of providing a quality experience for everybody interested in winter mountain sports at an affordable price. We have been serving the Denver community since 1939 and continue to instill our traditions as a family owned, no-nonense approach to a rapidly evolving industry. We recommend ski and snowboard rentals fit for every individual based on different tiers of skier and rider experience. 


Our season rentals are ideal comfort for Colorado locals to hold onto your gear through the season and use them as needed. Daily rentals are a cheap and easy way to avoid wasting time and money on the mountain for shorter trips.


During our rental process, we fit each customer with correctly sized boots, skis/board, and poles/helmets while also adjusting the bindings to the individual’s specifications. We believe that the best way to guarantee a good experience on the mountain is to have our customers come in the store to be fit for their first time of each season. After we have the correct fitting gear we keep you information on file and can pull well fitted gear for later in the season and even the following year. 


Tunes are included at no cost with a throughout the season for our season ski and board renters!