Daily Rentals


We believe that every Colorado winter adventure should begin with the perfect fit.  All of our ski and snowboard daily rentals include a personal boot fitting for each customer. Unlike the impersonal assembly line rentals you'll find elsewhere, we prioritize your comfort and safety for your ski and snowboard rentals.  


Whether you're a local taking a day trip, or visiting for the week trust Eskimo Ski + Board Shop for the ultimate in comfort, quality, and safety as you embark on your winter adventure. We're here to make sure every moment on the mountain is one to remember.


We're dedicated to ensuring that your day on the mountain is nothing short of fantastic. Ill-fitted boots, even in rentals, can quickly turn an adventure into a disappointment. Our ski rental package includes boots, skis, and poles, while our snowboard rental package features boots, bindings, and a board – all chosen for your experience and size.


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Day 1

Come in AFTER 2:00pm the day before you go to pick up gear.

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Day 2

Enjoy the snow!

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Day 3

Return your gear BEFORE 1:00 PM.

This is considered a 1-day rental. We do not charge for the day before or the day after you're off the mountain as long as you come during the listed times. 

Daily Ski Rental Prices

Standard Equipment 1 Day Each Addl. Day
Adult Package $35 $30
Adult Skis Only $25 $20
Adult Boots Only $20 $15
Junior/Child Package (Under 110 lbs.) $25 $20
Junior Skis Only $20 $15
Junior Boots Only $15 $10
Helmet $10 $5
Demo Package 1 Day Each Addl. Day
Skis Only $50 $50
Skis w/ Performance Boots $85 $75
Skis w/ Standard Boots $70 $65
Performance Boots $35 $35


Daily Snowboard & Boot Rentals

Demo Snowboard Packages     1 Day Each Addl. Day
Adult Package $75 $65
Adult Snowboard $50 $50
Standard Snowboard Packages 1 Day Each Addl. Day
Adult Snowboard Package $40 $35

Adult Snowboard w/ Binding

$30 $25
Adult Snowboard Boots $20 $15
Junior Snowboard Package $30 $25

Junior Snowboard w/ Binding

$30 $25
Junior Snowboard Boots $15 $10
Helmet $10 $5


For your convenience, equipment reservations are available if you call at least a day ahead of your pickup date and have rented from us within the last three seasons. This allows us to set up the correct sizes and ensure a seamless experience. 

Snowshoe rentals are available! 

Stop by and pick up your pair today.


Please note that to rent equipment, you must be 18 years of age or older. For those under 18, a Parent or Legal Guardian is required to sign a liability release, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey on the slopes.