Boot Fitting

The most important piece of gear

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When it comes to enjoying skiing and boarding, having the right gear is essential and nothing is more critical than properly fitted boots.  On the mountain we understand the importance of:






That's why we offer our expert Custom Boot Fitting service, designed to ensure that your winter footwear fits like a glove. 

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Appointment Recommended 

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 For all new ski boot purchases we highly recommend a scheduled appointment which usually takes an hour for a proper fit.


We charge $50 for a fit assessment, which is applied to the purchase of the boot. Favorite pair of socks? Bring those with you!

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Need an adjustment?

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For currently owned boots that don’t quite feel right, we can solve most issues.


We offer:

-Custom Insoles



-Heat Molding

-Other Modifications to ensure a comfortable fit!



 All boot adjustments require the $50 boot fit assessment fee.

Our Custom Boot Fitting Process

Personal Consultation: Our experienced boot fitters will start by understanding your needs and preferences. Whether you're into skiing or snowboarding, we'll suggest the correct style and model of boot for you.


Precise Measurements: We diagnose and record up to 15 different parameters of your lower legs, ankles and feet. This data forms the basis for creating a customized fit.


Boot Selection: Based on your measurements and activity type, we'll recommend the best boot options from our extensive collection of top brands.


Custom Modifications: Using advanced techniques and tools, our skilled boot fitters will make necessary modifications to the boots to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. We also offer multiple types of insoles, both custom and out of the box.


Trial and Adjustments: You'll have the opportunity to try on the modified boots and provide feedback. We'll make any necessary adjustments to achieve the perfect fit along with our one year fit guarantee with the purchase of most boots.

Boots For Sale 

Sold in Store Only

Book Your Appointment Today

Ready to experience fun winter adventures? Don't let uncomfortable boots hold you back. Schedule your Custom Boot Fitting appointment at Eskimo Ski Shop today. Visit our store or call us to make your appointment, and step into a world of warmth, comfort, and unparalleled performance. Your next winter adventure begins with the perfect fit.

Why the Right Boot Matters 

Optimal Comfort: Ill-fitting boots can quickly turn a day of fun into a painful experience. Our Custom Boot Fitting service is all about providing you with the ultimate comfort. We tailor the fit to your unique foot shape, eliminating pressure points and discomfort including feet with bunions, high insteps, flat feet, etc.


Enhanced Performance: Whether you're a seasoned skier, snowboarder, or just hitting the slopes for the first time, properly fitted boots can significantly improve your performance. You'll have better control, stability, and precision in your movements.


Reduced Risk of Injury: Ill-fitting boots can increase the risk of injuries like blisters, frostbite, or even sprains. Our boot fitting experts will ensure that your boots provide the necessary support and protection for your feet.


Extended Adventure Time: With comfortable, custom-fit boots, you can enjoy longer hours on the slopes or trails without experiencing fatigue or discomfort.